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15 October 2009

Our baby boy - Vojtech Wesley Sramek

Vojtech was born 14.10. 2009, at 21:20 .

I love you my little brother!

My mommy sweet kiss!

Magdalena is ready to have Vojtech at home.

Proud and happy Daddy!


At 15 October, 2009 22:25, Blogger Jessica G Smith said...

I love him! He looks like you, Rebekah! Sorry Petr :) I wish I was there to hold and love on him! I hooe you are feeling good. Call me as soon as you get home! I love all of you guys.

At 15 October, 2009 22:41, Blogger The Syvertsens said...

So very cute!

At 15 October, 2009 23:19, Blogger Pavlina, Luca a Michele said...

I agree he looks so much like you, Rebekah. What a lovely baby! Can't wait to meet him in person. Looking forward to see you all soon!

At 16 October, 2009 01:44, Blogger Sunny said...

Precious! LOVE the pics! He's a good-looking little guy!

At 16 October, 2009 02:06, Blogger Emily said...

Rebekah, he has your eyes. Oh, how sweet. We are rejoicing with you and can't wait to see him for ourselves in a few short months.

At 17 October, 2009 10:09, Blogger Charity said...

Was so glad i got to see him on thursday :) what a sweetie!!!

At 17 October, 2009 15:54, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

oh, he is so cute!!! he is precious....i wish i was there so bad! at least mama is there to love on him for us. i love all of you very much. congratulations :) and i agree with jessica...please call me when you get home sometime. :)


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