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02 February 2010

Proof that Daddy still exists

So many posts don't include Petr since he's at work all week long. But, he still exists and makes the most of his time with the kids. Of course, Magdalena eats up every moment she can with her Daddy and tries to steal away my time with him too, demanding, "Daddy, come play with me!!" And, Vojta gives his Daddy many sweet smiles while they play together. They're becoming great buddies. :-)



At 03 February, 2010 00:01, Blogger Gale said...

Vojta is such a natural looking drummer, even though "he doesn't know how to do it by himself." He seems to be enjoying letting daddy help him.

Are Petr and Magdalena making a castle using the shapes she got from Oma for Christmas?

By the way, I like the way you moved the table against the wall. It gives more room by the sink!


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