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15 April 2010

An Official Complaint

Dear Mother Earth and Father Time,

With utmost respect to you both, I am writing this letter to ask you, please, to synchronize your seasons. According to you, Father, spring began a few weeks ago. But, you Mother, are still producing cold and wet weather according to winter standards. I actually had to turn my heat back on this week! And, with two small people as my constant companions, I must bundle three bodies prior to any departure. This elongated winter has caused many extra hours of work that should otherwise be spent outdoors enjoying warm air, fresh and gentle breezes, and soaking in some natural vitamin D (as opposed to the bottled kind my infant's pediatrician prescribed him).

Is this too much to ask? Working together to make the humble folk in the Czech Republic happy from traditional weather patterns being upheld? I know that I failed the weather chapter in geography in 6th grade. And, scout's honor, I restudied that chapter until I passed the exam with flying colors. And, now I recycle to help maintain this beautiful world that you keep in order...but, at present, you seem to be dropping your end of deal. Please, send spring weather soon. We would all greatly appreciate the warm gesture.

Many thanks. Sincerely,
Rebekah Layne Bowen Sramkova


At 18 April, 2010 04:46, Blogger Jessica G Smith said...

I hope Daddy does not see that you wrote a letter to Mother Earth! I think he would say there is only a Father God :)


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