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16 April 2010

Owen's 4th Birthday

We were blessed to celebrate Owen's 4th birthday with him here in Prague! The kids started out the day with growing vehicles from capsules in a bowl of water. With each meal, they had a truck napkin to clean their hands on and they spent all morning at a playground having loads of fun. I missed that action because I was looking at an apartment we were considering to move into. (Another story for another day.) But, Emily said they had a blast and played perfectly together. :-)
Instead of having one solid, single flavored cake, Petr bought 4 pieces of different kinds of cake so we all had a selection to choose from. The birthday boy chose chocolate.

Enjoying his hunk of chocolaty celebratory cake!


At 22 April, 2010 14:36, Blogger Emily said...

Those are great pictures. Thank you for posting them, and for lending us your daughter for Owen to have a special play buddy at the park. He had a wonderful time.


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