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20 March 2006

For crying out loud

Most of today was spent in either feeding or trying to get Magdalena to sleep. She once again refused to nap. According to Dr. Weissbluth, this is because she'd rather be in the company of her parents than in a quiet crib all alone and crying it out is sometimes neccesary. For Magdalena's age he says 5-20mins of crying is okay and if she doesn't go to sleep, pick her up and soothe her then try again later when you're comfortable with it. Well, that's what I did, but with only one semi-success -- a 20 minute silence which I thought was sleep, but as it was followed by howls, I doubt it truly was. Even if it were sleep, 20 minutes isn't enough to count as a nap. Dr. Weissbluth says that 45-60mins minimum is required for restorative purposes in a baby Magdalena's age. I agree. How can 20 mins restore Magdalena's mind when it doesn't even restore my adult brain's peace of mind?

Okay, so that was a long venting session for Mommy. I must say that even though today was rough, she's still adorable and it wasn't as bad as one day last week, so we are seeing some progress (slowly but surely). And her sweet smiles sure do help! As you can see, she looks cute when she's crying too. Emphasis on looks because she sure doesn't sound it! : ) Where is Gigi when you need her to calm the little grandbaby? Alas, far away in a foreign land...


At 21 March, 2006 04:07, Blogger Gale said...

Oh-h-h! I need to hold my Magdalena! I can tell she misses me and my rocking! Poor baby. Just looking at the photo makes me want to cry with her! I hope you both have a better day tomorrow.

Is that a new bouncer? Or is that a swing? I don't recognize the item. But I see it has a bar with toys dangling for her entertainment (when she is not crying and wants to be entertained). Very fun!

Love you!

At 22 March, 2006 13:05, Blogger Pavlina said...

Dear Sramkovi family!
It was so nice to see you all last Thursday. And I might challenge the "For crying out loud" post by saying I heard nothing but happy tootling and sucking during the hour I spent with you and baby Magdalena :) Hope to see her growing up!


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