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07 April 2006

New neighbors?

Ever since we moved into this apartment in October, our neighbors have been constructing only God knows what in their apartments. We hear random drillings, hammerings, and an occational sawing at all times of the day. Early morning, mid-day, or late at night -- makes no difference to them. When, may you ask, do these folks work a job? Who knows!

Last week, a new sound was added to the sounds uncannily like a rooster. "Could it be that Joey and Chandler have moved to Prague and taken up residence next to us?" I asked Petr jokingly the other day. (Remember they had a chicken and a duck in Friends.) Well, come to find out, we won't be partaking in a new sitcom; rather, our feathered pheasant friends have returned! A clan of 3-5 pheasants live in the small patch of "wilderness" by our apartment complex and were gone during the artic winter, but have returned with the warmer weather. : )


At 07 April, 2006 11:42, Blogger Rebekah and Petr said...

I´m praying that we will move sooner then he will stop. I know a lot people but everybody is different - yeap and this is the problem number 1.U can tell me a thousand disadvantages having family house but I know that I will buid it for my family and have peace (nobody stop me- not drilling neighbors or some strange people :-).
Peace on the earth :)

So enjoy your life with all people.
Be brave and ...


At 07 April, 2006 16:02, Blogger Gale said...

The time will come for your own house. For now enjoy not having to mow the grass, pull the weeds out of the flower beds, pressure wash the outside walls, driveway, sidewalks, paint the outside every few years, etc. Of course, when you have your own house, you won't hear the neighbors building an ark, or bowling in the hall, or shoe lady going to work, or neighbor's dogs, ducks, roosters, etc. :) You will, however, hear the clan of pheasants living in a "small patch of wilderness" nearby. :)


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