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08 August 2006

6 months

Half a year ago on this day, Magdalena Rose was born! It doesn't seem possible that it has already/only been 6 is so hard to imagine or remember life without her. :) She is such a joy to us both -- even if keeping up with her inexhaustable energy is quite difficult. I love picking her up after she's woken up from a nap. She smiles up at me so gleefully and snuggles up against me in the sweetest way ever! Petr loves playing with her in the morning before he goes to work. He buries them under the covers for a game or sings little songs to her.

Since the time she was born, Magdalena has gained 5kg/11lbs and grown 16cm/6in!


At 08 August, 2006 21:09, Blogger Sunny said...

Happy Half Birthday to Magdalena!

At 08 August, 2006 23:09, Blogger Gale said...

We didn't know how lacking our lives were before Magdalena (and Samuel) were born! Happy half birthday to Magdalena!

At 09 August, 2006 06:42, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

wow. that's crazy. tell magdalena....well, i'm late now....but, i guess tell her happy late half birthday for me.

At 10 August, 2006 05:50, Blogger Jon & Emily said...

Happy half birthday Magdalena!
The Stone Family


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