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17 July 2007


"Magdalena" I called, and she looked up. This is her "huh?" expression.
Seconds before she dumped that sand on my leg and foot!
It's still super hot here and without air-conditioning, I am complaining! But, we've beaten the heat a bit by playing in our neighborhood playground before 10am. This morning was still hot. Magdalena's hair was very wet when the wind blew her hat off her head on our way home. But, she didn't seem to mind the heat so I smiled and bore it for about, oh, half an hour. :)


At 18 July, 2007 04:11, Blogger Gale said...

I can see we are going to have to get a sand box for Magdalena when you get moved here! It seems to be her favorite thing to do at the playground. I love the hat!


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