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23 March 2008

Happy Easter! Vesele Velikonoce!

From our family to our friends and relatives: Happy Easter! We love you all and miss those of you who are far away.
Magdalena finding Easter eggs at our neighborhood Egg Hunt.
The Easter Bunny sharing some love and candy with Magdalena.


At 23 March, 2008 22:04, Blogger Pavlina, Luca & Michele Cilenti said...

Lovely pictures! Miss you too :-(( Hope you enjoy the season's holidays. Will write an email soon, promise..

At 24 March, 2008 10:35, Blogger Sunny said...

So cute! Hope your Easter was wonderful. It looks like yours was sunny and warm -- we had snow and drizzle here! :-) But, it was still nice.

At 29 March, 2008 09:05, Blogger The Syvertsens said...

we miss you too!


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