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09 January 2008

Long overdue Moravian pictures

During our 3 weeks in Moravia prior to our great international, transatlantic move we had several days of nice weather. So, as a family, we took the opportunity to walk through the forests of Petr's home village and breathe in the fresh air.
Many trees were still in their beautifully colored autumnal gowns and we took advantage of this one for making our family picture background!
The city-girl side of me was very evident as I was in complete awe of the numerous mushrooms. My favorite, cervena muchomorka, is poisonous to eat so I mere photographed some. :)
Deda and Tata helped Magdalena climb the steep parts and when the going got too tough, Deda carried her on his shoulders or in his arms. She was a wood sprite for the afternoon and loved it!

Kveta and I lagged behind a bit so we could have some girl talk time and not get winded. We certainly cherished every moment of those 3 weeks and as I write this post, I'm missing my Czech family with great intensity...


At 10 January, 2008 05:40, Blogger Gale said...

Seeing the pictures of Petr's family makes me sad for them, and you too. They are precious people! I can see the "familiness" in the photos. :)

At 15 January, 2008 23:25, Blogger zajoši said...

Omlouvám se, že to není anglicky, ale asi by se mi to nepodařilo vyjádřit. Taky na vás všichni moc myslíme a samozřejmě se nám mooooc stýská. Když jsem to četla, stalo se mi přesně to co tobě, Rebeko, - uvědomila jsem si jak moc nám chybíte. moc zdravím Jitka
P.S. Koukněte se tady, třeba si pak budem aspon trošku blíž:)


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