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25 December 2007


Tady muzete videt par fotek naseho Vanocniho stromku. Nejdrive vyber stromu - tradicne cela rodina jede stromek koupit ,vybiraji vsichni tak to obcas nekdy dele trva. Pote spolecne stroji a a somozrejme nesmi u toho chybet minimale 1fotak - pravidelne je jich vice. Tak tady je par fotek z teto zajimave atrakce....
Here you can see a couple of photos of our Christmas tree. Very early to select a tree - the tradition is that the whole family goes to buy the tree, everyone chooses it together so it becomes a long process. We couldn't forget to take at least one picture of the tree, although surely there are more. And here is a couple of pictures from the interesting attraction...


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