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09 May 2008

"Touch a Truck" / Dotkni se nakladaku!

Paulding County holds an annual event called "Touch a Truck." Local businesses, emergency response providers, and community services park their vehicles at the same location for a few hours on a Saturday. This year we took Magdalena. Jessica, Samuel, Courtney, and Alle joined us for lots of fun and adventure.
Paulding County (nazev naseho regionu) poradal specialni akci pod nazvem "Dotkni se nakladaku". Mistni podnikatele, ruzna pohotovostni vozidla, servisni auta se stejne oblasti prijeli na par hodin v sobotu. Tento rok jsme vzali Magdalenku. Pripojili se k nam Jessica a Samuel, Courtney a Ally - uzili jsme si spousty legrace!
We explored a UPS truck,
Prozkoumali jsme UPS dodavku (dorucovatelska firma jako Fedex apod.)
stood inside a front-loader's "scooper,"
stali uvnitr lzice od bagru
sat inside varying construction vehicles,
sedeli jsme uvnitr bobcatu
"drove" a John Deere,
ridili mini John Deere
peered into a fire truck,
divali jsme se dovnitr hasicskeho auta
got blown away by the wind from a helicopter,
trosku nas ofouknul vitr od vrtulniku
and, of course, had fun with cousin Samuel
a samozrejme uzili legrace s bratrancem Samuelem
and Alle!
a Ally
Here's a little "family portrait" that our neighbor, Mary, took for us when we were all aboard a sunshine yellow school bus! 
Tady je mensi rodinne foto ze skolniho autobusu - nase sousedka Mary nas vyfotila!


At 14 May, 2008 16:39, Blogger Jan E. Mynařík said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Espicially the fire fighters truck.
How are you doing anyway?

At 16 May, 2008 22:39, Blogger Jan E. Mynařík said...

Yes, I read your blog once in a while and wonder how Magdalena grows. She doesn't grow any faster than my cousin's kids, though :)
Glad you like the pictures, I also post to flickr as you probably found.
I finished semester this week and only wait for results of tests. And I will actually submit an exam in economy in a month, but it's nice when I don't have to go to school.


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