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22 March 2006

Growing up

Yesterday was Magdalena's 6 week check up. She also had an ultrasound on her hips and an orthopedic exam. All of the doctors ooh-ed and awe-ed over her, saying how pretty she is. "Krasna" was the word of the day! The pediatrician said, "I can tell from just looking at her that she has grown. The scale isn't necessary!" She is now 11lbs, 22in with clear skin, good bones, and developing well socially.

She's developing socially so well that the little boys are noticing her already! One baby boy about 3months old literally lunged in his mother's arms to get a closer look at her. He just smiled at her and she stared him down. Good girl, you're too young to date. Another boy about 1year old watched her for several minutes. She kinda looked his way, but clearly, older men don't suit her either.

I really wanted to post a picture today of our healthy, growing girl...but, alas, she has been cranky most of today. Another napless day, but now she's gone to bed and I dare not disturb her slumber with a flash! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day and you will all get to see her!


At 23 March, 2006 05:39, Blogger Gale said...

You have to be careful of those awful boys!!! They are dangerous! We have lost two of the girls in our family to boys! I'm not ready to lose Magdalena yet! :) But of course, she is too cute to resist!

Love you!

At 23 March, 2006 06:38, Blogger AuntieBizbef said...

haha...that's great. man...i wish i could be there to see her grow. but, we won't talk about that! ok. answer your question about eprops. don't mess with them, they're stupid. noone ever uses them. they're supposed to be like a rating type thing for your site or your post. i don't know wat the word mean. probably like props as in "she deserves props for that" u know wat i mean? and e i guess cus they do e sometimes for internet stuff or something like that. and yes, i definately remember you singing that song! haha. actually, i think it was one of melanie's songs at first, but then you said that and i was like oh ya! but, i still have a scar from that stupid vacuum cleaner. it really hurt. anyways. i always leave you the longest comments when i leave you one! haha. i've enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures. i had to catch up on your posts today cus i haven't been online for a few days. i had a realy busy weekend. and beginning of week too. well, i'm gonna go to bed. goodnight! love you


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