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24 June 2008

Coolige Park

Eloise and Lillian wanted to ride the carousel at the park, but Magdalena preferred the "shower." So, we started out tentatively walking around the fountains, weaving in and out of the children playing. In a few minutes, though, Magdalena was much bolder and ran through and over the fountain showers when the bursts of water were small.                                                  Eloise a Lillian chtely jit na kolotoce v parku, ale Magdalenka preferovala "osvezujici sprchu". Takze jsme zacli chodit okolo fontanek, mavat v nich apod. Za nekolik minut Magdalenka byla mnohem odhodlanejsi a vyrazila pres fontanku kdyz proud vody nebyl tak silny.
Here's the wet Magda with her kitty and friends, Eloise and Lillian, just as we were all saying our good-byes. Since this fun day Magdalena and I have had more fun with our friends at Pathway bookstore. Coffee anyone?                                                                                                            Tady je foto mokre Magdy s kocickou a jeji kamaradky Eloise a Lillian kratce predtim nez jsme se rozloucili. 


At 25 June, 2008 18:15, Blogger Emily said...

What a fun day this was! I am so behind on posting pictures. I dare say there will be an extra large post of pictures coming up soon! Miss you!



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