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10 November 2008

Halloween Frog

This year Magdalena was a froggy. She practiced around the house by hopping everywhere and saying, "Trick or treat, ribbit, ribbit!" But, when we were at the church Harvest Festival, she barely got out of our arms. We were lucky to snap this shot before her next request of "carry me, Mommy!"
Getting treats from Patti, our next door neighbor, with Samuel who is dressed as Tow Mater.
Max the fire fighter and Magdalena the cutest frog ever. Max is our neighbor and in the same playgroup.
Magdalena and Samuel enjoying the spoils of the evening. I think Magdalena may have a new favorite holiday!


At 12 November, 2008 01:26, Blogger Vicky said...

Now that is a millon dollar smile!


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