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14 August 2008


Yesterday, Gigi and I enjoyed a pot of tea and coffee thanks to Magdalena's generous invite. She loves playing with her musical tea pot, which doubles as a coffee carafe or soup bowl when she's in the mood. When we were looking for a missing teacup we came across her play phone and I asked if she wanted to call and invite some friends to tea. She pretended to dial, put the phone to her ear, and proceeded to say, "Colin? Coming drink tea here? Bye."  This was her first intelligible pretend phone conversation! (Colin is one of our neighbors her age and they play together often, but he's out of town for a couple of weeks and Magdalena is evidently missing him.) 

Today, Magdalena and I went to lunch and Kroger with some other neighbors - Jan and Max. The kids also play together fairly regularly but usually it is side by side play, not interactive. Today was quite different, though. Max wanted to hold Magdalena's hand as we crossed the parking lot, they were very huggy during food ordering time, and Magdalena helped Max climb the playground structure when he was a little unsure of his abilities. 

On the short drive home, Jan and I overheard our munchkins in the backseat conspiring to further their play time. Max invitingly said, " You want play at my house?" and Magdalena replied with equal hospitality, "You want Nemo snacks my house?" We mommies both shot down their plans with a firm, "No, you are going home to nap." They'll have more opportunities to play, but today we needed our rest!


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