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10 November 2008

Zoo-ing with the Sillers

Last Wednesday we went to Zoo Atlanta with Emily, Owen, and Baby Eliana. The weather was perfect for exploring the animals' habitats and getting loads of fresh air!
This ducky bouncy toy was a great hit with Magdalena and Owen, too. 
Owen's favorite animal was the elephant and his sentiment was catching. They lingered around this elephant calf statue for quite some time. The flowers in it's trunk are in memory of the pregnant elephant who recently died unexpectedly. The keepers and other elephants seemed a bit sad...
Back to the playground at the end of our zoo experience! We let the kids pound away the last of their energy before trekking home. Owen and Magdalena made some great music together - maybe it's the beginning of the next greatest band?


At 14 November, 2008 03:46, Blogger Emily said...

We had a blast. Thanks for inviting us. I do think that the kids need to start working on a band name.


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