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02 September 2008

Belated Birthday Bowling

Petr's birthday was 2 months ago, but we finally got around to celebrating it as a family on Saturday! At Petr's request, we went bowling - Momma, Daddy, Magdalena, Petr, and I.
This sign was posted on the entrance door. We all found it quite amusing and had to share it with you, dear readers!
Magdalena watched us all bowl and would cheer for us, "Yay! It's Gigi's try!" no matter how many pins we knocked down. She, of course, had to take a break to clean up with an ever-present wipe. (Who needs toys when wipes are around?)
Daddy got the highest score on one game and Petr won the other round.
After bowling our hearts out, and Magdalena's patience off, we went home to enjoy a pizza party with Jessica, Casey, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Jonathan. Once the babes were in bed, we adults enjoyed a rowdy game of of Hand and Foot. The guys beat us ladies, badly...but, hey we all had fun celebrating Petr's 27th birthday.


At 02 September, 2008 22:08, Blogger Safariks (Lukas & Joanna) said...

Happy belated birthday to Peter.

At 04 September, 2008 02:04, Blogger Sunny said...

Fun! I'd like to learn to play that game sometime. (Hand and Foot that is!) I have bowled before. haha

At 04 September, 2008 16:43, Blogger Vicky said...

Hand and Foot??? Sounds interesting- I , too, would love to learn how to play!


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