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02 September 2008

Labor Day

Petr was off work on Monday for Labor Day, so we took a Sramkovi family trip to a state park in Summerville, GA. The park was quiet, very "tree-ey," and had great walking trails. We followed this butterfly down the lower lake path for a little while.
After lunch, we returned to the park for more fun and games - Bocce Ball! This set was his birthday present from my parents and he was raring to break it in. We all enjoyed playing the game, but I think Magdalena found even greater pleasure in photographing the experience. This was her first picture of her Daddy.
This was another she took of her Mommy and Daddy together.
Magdalena's first try at videoing didn't last long!
On our second hike, Magdalena refused to walk on the way uphill. So, Petr gave her a lift. While she was riding astride his shoulders she would periodically say, "I'm tall. I sitting on Daddy's shoulders!"

The pinnacle of the second hike was the Marble Mine (seen behind me and Magdalena). Not much to see - a small cave and a water hole, but Magdalena had fun peering over the rails into the water, tossing rocks into the pool, and getting "rained" on where water dripped from above into the mini-pond.


At 05 September, 2008 03:08, Blogger Jennifer said...

Rebekah - you must be talking about SF state park (I believe it is the only one in Summerville) and that is so funny. My parents were there on Labor Day for a family reunion! We were supposed to be there, but I wasn't feeling well. I just thought that was pretty funny - of all the places for us to almost be at the same time!


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