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19 September 2008

Evening of Sunny and Jewel

Yesterday was Sunny's birthday so we celebrated by living the "Life Uncommon" by seeing  Jewel (our favorite artist) in concert here in Hotlanta! I felt so honored that my wonderful friend would choose me to accompany her to such a meaningful event - seriously, Sunny knows every song by Jewel (including never published ones and poems she's written) and loves Jewel more than I love Densel Washington.
It just so happened that Jewel was sharing the stage with Brad Paisley, whose name (honestly) I didn't know until we already had the tickets for the concert! Turned out that I do know several of his songs from listening to the radio. 94.9 The Bull welcomed us concert attendees with a plane pulled banner.
Brad showed off his good looking profile in the ATL sites during one of his songs.
Jewel sang one of my favorite songs "Standing Still." And, of course, for her #1 fan, Jewel sang "Who will Save Your Soul" which she never sings the same way twice. Her scatting, trilling, and "duet" with the guitar were more clever/artsy/amazing than what I expected. Unfortunately, the video I have of it is too long to post for you to enjoy. Next time we get together, dear Reader, I can let you view it on my computer!


At 20 September, 2008 17:32, Blogger Sunny said...

It was SO fun! I'm glad I got to go with you! I do have to give credit where it is due, my cousin Mel tutored me in Jewel, and is how I know about her -- so I can take the #2 spot! :-) Wait til I tell Mel we got to go see her!


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