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12 September 2008


My Daddy came home from the hospital today after lunch!! He still tires easily and is moving slowly, but otherwise he feels great and is in good spirits. Even though heart attacks are nothing good, one positive event came from his...
The day of the heart attack, my uncle (who lives in China after recently marrying a Chinese lady) was extremely upset by the news. His wife was out of the house at the time with a girlfriend. When she got home and found my uncle in tears she told him, "No cry. God told me he not die. Jeff good man." When she said this, my uncle told her, "You know, you really need to ask God to live in your heart." She agreed and prayed right then! Praise Jesus! My new aunt is now a Christian. :-) 
Because of my dad's heart attack, he now feels like he has a new heart from so many stints being inserted into his arteries and my aunt now has a new spiritual heart. This wouldn't have been my choice of how she'd accept Christ, but it is beautiful how God used evil for good.


At 12 September, 2008 14:35, Blogger Sunny said...

I am so happy he is home, and as for your aunt, what a moving story! Thanks for keeping us updated on everything.

At 19 September, 2008 02:01, Blogger Emily said...

Thank you for sharing your good news. I was praying for your family.


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