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27 June 2008

GA Aquarium / Akvarium v Atlante

Sunny organised an Aquarium trip recently. Jessica and Samuel, Emily and Owen (Sunny's college roommate and her son), Sarah and Lilly and Lucy (Emily's sis-in-law and nieces), plus Magdalena and I went. We all loved our watery tour - kids and adults alike! 

Sunny zorganizovala vylet do akvaria. Jessica a Samuel, Emily a Owen (Spolubydlici ze skoly od Sunny a jeji syn), Sarah a Lilly a Lucy(teta od Emily a neter) a plus Magdalenka s mamimkou. Vsichni jsme byli nadseni z naseho vyletu - deti i dospeli stejne!
When I was a tiny thing, my favorite song was "Baby Beluga" about the whales pictured below. These creatures still hold a certain spell on me. Quick fact: Beluga whales got their name from the Russian word for "white."
Kdyz Rebeka byla mala, jeji oblibena pisnicka byla "Baby Beluga" - pisen o velrybach, orazek nize. Toto stvoreni stale ma urcity vyznam pro ni. Poznamka: Velryba Beluga dostala jmeno z Ruskeho slova - "bily".
Recently, Magdalena has watched a lot of "Surf's Up" so when she saw the penguins she could not contain her excitement! My camera chose this time to start acting up and pretty much took only blurry pics, but here is a taste of Magdalena's glee.
V posledni dobe magdalenka se diva hodne na film "Surf up - film o tucnakovi surfari, cesky to nevim  " kdyz videla tucnaky tak bula radosti bez sebe! Fotak ji pouze zachytil vzdy nejak rozmazanou - tady je presto jeden snimek.
Just watching the fish swim by...
Prave se diva jak se ryba mihne kolem.....
and overhead! We walked through a tunnel under one of the tanks. It was so amazing to see sharks, fish, and whales drifting by just above our heads and on either side of us.
a nad hlavou! Sli jsme skze tunel, ktery byl obklopen vodou a byl pod jednou z vodnich nadrzi. Bylo to opravdu nadherne videt zraloky, ruzne ryby a velryby plavat nad nama nebo vedle nas.

Stepping outside into the sun was quite a shock after being inside and surrounded by aquatic shadows, but it was nice to catch some fresh air.
Kdyz jsme vysli ven na slunicko tak to byl trosku sok po dlouhe dobe uvnitr akvaria a obklopeni akva stiny. Ale bylo to prijemne byt na cerstvem vzduchu.


At 21 July, 2008 12:13, Blogger Pavlina, Luca & Michele Cilenti said...

Hello our dear friends! It took me a some time to browse through all your new posts. It seems I've not looked at your blog for a while! And you have so much fun in your not-anymore-new home in the US! Both me and Michele miss our regular walks and gatherings in Palecek :-( Time runs so fast and our babies are no more babies but smart and cheerful kids. Hope to see you all soon!!! Love from Pavlina and Michele, the CzechTalians


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