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02 August 2009

Out for a spin

This morning before Petr and Magdalena left for church, she wanted to go for a ride with "krava" (cow). So, she wrapped the string around the handlebar of her tricycle and spun around the room, over and over again! In case you don't quite catch it, at the end she says, "That's funny!"

I stayed home today from church, very appreciative of my husband who understands that I need some peace and relaxation (even if I am cleaning, cooking and doing laundry at the same time) without anyone around sometimes. He also understands that if I have a little rest and quiet time, he gets a much better quality lunch! ;-) So, while I'm waiting on the laundry to finish, I am sitting in a comfy chair, playing around online.


At 03 August, 2009 04:18, Blogger Gale said...

"That's funny!" So cute! We sure do miss that little girl! Was this clip taken in the kitchen, bedroom, living room? I'm trying to get a vision of the apartment.

At 03 August, 2009 09:33, Blogger Rebekah and Petr said...

It was in her bedroom.


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