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01 August 2009


Unbelievably, Sunny has escaped the viewfinder of my camera the whole time she's been here except for this one photo! She arrived 2 weeks ago and has been staying with us between her European romps, seeking the will of God for the next steps in her life. A few afternoons ago, we took advantage of Magdalena's nap time to grab a cup of coffee and KFC carry-out bowl of tiramisu (one of the desserts of the gods, by the way).
We've enjoyed many a late-night chat, reflections on what God is doing in our lives now, walks around town, Tesco trips, and a Girls Night Out with some of our other dear girl-friends. The timing couldn't have been better for me because almost the entire time she's been here, Petr has been working out of town. So, I've had a wonderful companion to keep me company and prevent me from getting depressed and mopey over missing my husband. :-)


At 03 August, 2009 04:23, Blogger Gale said...

I am so glad Sunny has been there to keep you company while Petr has been gone. It is almost like old times for the two of you! She just needs to come back to Prague when she's finished with school. I think I've heard from the Lord on that! :)

At 04 August, 2009 18:55, Blogger Emily said...

Oh, it looks like you have really been enjoying yourselves. I am so happy for you two.

At 14 August, 2009 13:53, Blogger Sunny said...

Wow --- I'm getting "Words" on blogger! haha


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