Magdalena's Family Blog

29 January 2009

Hot weather

Most of you have heard me confess to being a weather wuss. I hate hot weather! Anything over, oh, say about 80F is pushing it for me. So, when I read this article I realized that no heat that I've lived through (or ever exaggerated what it felt like in mid-August in Georgia) could even compare to these extreme temps. Just had to share because I'm also fascinated by celestial goings on (comes from so many shooting star and lunar eclipse viewings as a girl looking through my sister's telescope or lying on the driveway). I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

20 January 2009

Snow...or some semblance thereof

Last night after Magdalena was in bed, it began snowing. Amazingly, a small amount of it stuck to the ground til this morning. When Magdalena awoke, I told her to look outside - "There is snow on the ground! See all the white stuff?" She promptly jumped from bed, ran to her window and pronounced, "It's messy!" I tried explaining that it's not messy - just frozen rain. But she wasn't convinced. She informed me that we "need to clean it up, Mommy." Boy, is she in for a surprise when we move back to the Czech Republic!