Magdalena's Family Blog

30 November 2006

This morning...

Magdalena met the demise of her favorite household chore, laundry, as the drying rack tumbled down around her due to her attempting to climb up on it. Thank God, she didn't get hurt (and the laundry wasn't soiled either). But I did have to totally take apart my rack in order to disentangle the mess!

25 November 2006

Christmas tree

When I was growing up, every year after the big family Thanksgiving dinner my immediate family would go buy our Christmas tree then take it home and decorate it and the house for Christmas. This tradition runs deep in my veins, so I continued in Bowen fashion this year with Magdalena. As I put together our artificial tree, she chased the bead spool as it rolled under the table... Then we had some human decoration fun too! Magdalena enjoyed sitting in the tree's box as she played with the spool some more and had her hair adorned with tree bows.
Look! It's our little tree! I can look at it and admire the Christmas beauty while I eat!

24 November 2006

New toys

Magdalena has acquired some new toys recently. The blocks are from "Aunt Pavlina" my friend from when we worked at the magazine together. And the inflatable cylinder is from her Moravian grandmother. Even with these fun diversions, what does she enjoy the most? My Chapstick! Notice it's in the bowl with the blocks...I'm not sure who is responsible for the blocks in the bowl since Magdalena and Petr were playing with them together while I was cleaning and preparing breakfast this morning...either way, it shows how important that Chapstick is. :)

23 November 2006


From the Sramkovi Family -- we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We love you all and and are grateful for your friendship, love, support, and prayers.

22 November 2006

Family Portrait

Last night we realized that it's been since Magdalena was a tiny infant that we last took a family picture. So, we pulled out the handy digital camera this afternoon and set the timer. Here are a couple of our crazy results! It's quite difficult to get a very active 9 month old to hold still and look in the same direction for 10 seconds...maybe we should remember next time we're with friends to get them to snap a photo for us!
Any volunteers?

13 November 2006

Good times

Sunny invited me out for coffee on Friday night. We wandered in and out of 3 places on Vaclavske namesti (Wenseslas Square) before we found a cafe that was still open or would remain open long enough for a real visit. But, at last, we found Coffee Heaven. What a heaven it really is!! We had white chocolate mochas with a slice of real cheesecake (pretty hard to come by in these parts). Mmm-mm, delicious!

Even better than our savory treats, was the company. We talked and laughed so much over stories from our crazy college days and mused about the crazy lives we have now...Sunny, thanks for such a wonderful and refreshing evening!


Our dear girl has been thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny since she has become an avid crawler. Small spaces seem to be her recent favorite spots, but as you can see those places don't all like her back! Under the high chair, the kitchen table, and the computer desk are all friendly crawl spaces...

...but, under the drying rack and her walker are different stories! It doesn't look like Magdalena will be going back to this "cave" any time soon. (Don't worry, Gigi. I only let her stay under there the few seconds it took to snap the picture!)

09 November 2006


Magdalena has a new name -- Ballerina! That's right. On Tuesday, Sunny, Magdalena, and I went to the Verbrugges' house to help out with Lydia and Marcus so Ann-marie could get some much needed rest (plus, it was a really good excuse for a nice visit). We ended up staying most of the day talking, eating, playing with the kiddies, and relaxing while the little ones napped.

Lydia was such a good helper with caring for Magdalena. When Aunt Sunny asked her for a soft toy that babies can play with, Lydia shared her Larry Boy stuffed toy (her favorite!) with Magdalena. We asked, "Lydia, can you say the baby's name? Magdalena." She promptly responded, "Ballerina." And that is what Lydia called her all day long!

Magdalena is fond of standing on her toes -- more so than standing flat-footed -- so, perhaps, Lydia isn't too far off base in calling her Ballerina!

08 November 2006

9 Months

Magdalena Rose is 9 months old today! To celebrate her "maturity" she ate her first slice of apple...she sure did enjoy utilizing her 4 new teeth. :)

04 November 2006

Brushing teeth!

That's right, folks. Magdalena brushed her teeth for the first time today! She has been eagerly awaiting this day for the past several months. She would curiously watch us brush our teeth and want to mimic us (or steal our toothbrushes!). Now that Little Miss Sramkova has gotten 4 teeth in the last couple of weeks, we figured it's time to get her her own toothbrush. "Mmm, strawberry toothpaste is good!"
Magdalena enjoyed her new experience so much that she actually cried when I took the toothbrush from her! She doesn't even do that when we take away a toy or make her leave the pet shop when she's watching the bunnies...her pearly whites are gonna stay that way!

02 November 2006

Snezi (It's snowing)!

Yep, you read that title correctly. Yesterday was really windy and chilly, but today it has actually snowed and the temp is supposed to be only a high of 35F. Brrr! At least the snow didn't stick and it is sunny, so we were already able to take a real walk this morning.

Our non-walk

Yesterday, Magdalena and I got all bundled up to go for a walk. She had on her new winter coat (it was around 45F) and I had on a cool coat Elizabeth left with me a couple of years ago. Well, by the time we got downstairs to leave our was raining and super windy!! We decided to brave the elements anyway since the stroller is equipped with a plastic rain cover. I think we got as far as the end of this picture (just past the nose of the car), when we wimped out. That wind was too blustery for our small frames!