Magdalena's Family Blog

27 May 2010

Going to school without Mommy

Last week I was quite sick and needed extra rest, so Sunny and Kelly took Magdalena to preschool with them and brought her back, too. That way, I got to rest and keep my germs to myself. ;-) Here is the happy trio as they arrived back home with my lunch from "Old McDonald" in hand.
The ladies brought Magdalena a little lady bug chocolate from their visit with some of our American missionary friends in Hungary on Monday. So, after preschool on Tuesday, since Magdalena had been such a good girl and waited patiently to eat her Hungarian treat, she got to indulge.While they were all gone, Vojta had free range of the house and toys. He wanted to play with an old phone, but got very frustrated when he couldn't cradle it back on the rest! Eventually, he gave up and played with B.B. instead (behind him in the picture).

18 May 2010

Sibling Love

Sure, there are moments that I think Magdalena will never learn to be gentle with her little brother, or others when I wish that Vojta wouldn't scream when Magdalena gives him a kiss or hug...but, the overwhelmingly majority of the time I think "How blessed am I to have two great kids who love each others company!" Vojta is extremely ticklish like his daddy and Magdalena loves to make him laugh by tickling his little foot or tummy. And, they both enjoy some good old fashioned snuggle time together pretty often! I think we have the beginnings of a beautiful sibling-hood and lifelong friendship...

Sunny and beads!

Sunny and Kelly, her friend/boss, arrived the day after my birthday for a month's visit and mission counseling. This is not the best picture of Sunny or Magdalena, but it depicts the fun and adventure that envelop Sunny's bright personality. Magdalena is wrapping Sunny up "like a tortilla" in this picture.
With Sunny, arrived beads from Gigi and Poppy! Magdalena promptly made all kinds of accessories with them - a crown, necklace, bracelets, and belt. Here is Vojta sporting the crown while adoring Kelly. I think he's got a crush!
Magdalena decked out in her precious "jewels" that she made with all the grown ups' help. (We alternated holding the twine as she strung on the beads or pinching the twine's end to prevent it from unraveling.)

Today's cuteness

In case you haven't gotten in today's cuteness quota, soak in some of this adorable baby! Notice his new tooth? The second one is about to pop through any second - I have pen and baby book on hand to record it the moment it does. ;-)

12 May 2010

Easter Monday in Pardubice

We have been richly blessed with so many new and old friends in the Czech Republic since we returned to live here a year ago. One such couple of new friends live in a village just outside of Pardubice. They met the Sillers at church on Easter Sunday and invited us all to their house the next day (Czech Easter Monday) for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. This meant a train ride for us all. Vojta slept most of the time, snug as a bug in a rug tucked away inside the same sling I used for Magdalena.
Magdalena enjoyed the fun with Daddy - climbing in and out of his lap, resting a bit on his shoulder, and eating cookies that Owen shared with her.All of the kids (host family's daughters are the black haired cuties and their dad, Jimmie, is in the doorway) were eager to find as many eggs as possible, and even more so to EAT them!! But, when they found some with unusual "treats" they were intrigued...The special eggs contained visuals to tell the Easter story of Christ's death and resurrection. Most of the kids found at least one, so they were giddy to hand over their egg to Hulda, our hostess, to find out what part of the story was inside. :-)
We adults ate more "age appropriate" Easter fixin's - Beranek (lamb shaped pound cake) which is a HUGE Czech tradition - no Czech Easter celebration or table is complete without one.

Zoo Praha

During the last few days of our time with the Sillers, we took a day trip to the zoo. It was Vojta's first zoo experience, and Magdalena's first time at the Prague zoo since we returned to the Czech Republic. This statue is of a Mongolian horse. It used to be on the Prague zoo logo, but the designer left the "company" and took his logo with him. Now the zoo is looking for a new logo. Another interesting fact about these horses - the Prague Zoo is the only place outside of Mongolia where they are found (or so I've been told)!
Vojta loving his stroller ride through the zoo, looking at the animals (and the animalistic kids we were with -namely his sister and her friend Owen!).
The crazy older kids running out some of their energy after lunch.
Watching the polar bears - I absolutely love Emily's excitement! Guess the kids' sentiment was catching...or was it the other way around?
Vojta didn't eat our after zooing treat, but he had fun watching us lick it up!Daddy and Magdalena with their "pink ice cream" as Magdalena called her wild strawberry cone.

01 May 2010

Vojta's first swing ride :-)