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27 September 2010

Mělník Wine Festival

Mělník is a lovely town about an hour out of Prague. Each year they hold a Vinobrani (Wine Festival) with loads of handmade crafts, wine and food stands, open-air theater, puppet shows, and rides for the whole family to enjoy. We took a day trip for a fun-filled family adventure two weeks ago. Here's a "taste" of what we found. :-)
The rivers merging in the town center...The peaceful quiet of the water's current was such a beautiful and wondrous contrast to the loud bustling and activity of the festival.
My dear family overlooking the rivers.
Magdalena and Mommy riding on a swan. Magdalena chose which animal and which color she wanted as soon as she spotted this ride. I held my breath that it'd still be available after we purchased our tickets! We got on the last pink swan.
Vojta sharing some snack with Daddy. They took turns putting the křupky in each others' mouths. :-)
Magdalena proudly displaying her bag of treats - KŘUPKY!! (Puffed corn with a sweet coating.) And, for those who are wondering about the size of this bag - yes, it WAS as big as she is!
And the reason for such a big bag of snackage? Petr Kolář! He's the long-haired hunk in the middle of the stage. His voice is so raw and smooth at the same time. I own one of his cd's and have wanted to hear him in person ever since I first heard one of his songs on the radio. The křupky kept the kids in one place long enough for me to enjoy about 4 or 5 songs of the concert before we moved on to more rides!This little man fell asleep almost as soon as we left the concert area. He slept through the sellers touting their wares over bullhorns, loud music projected over speakers, and bumper cars colliding. He didn't sleep but about 30 minutes, but he was a trooper and all smiles the rest of the day.Magdalena and Daddy on the bumper cars. He drove, but I have a feeling she directed him in the right direction. ;-)Magdalena took a few pictures, too. Petr and I seldom have our picture taken together, so we took advantage of having a blossoming photographer with us. This little church is in the square where we ate our picnic lunch.

Robbie's 1st birthday party

Vojta and Robbie were born just 18 days apart last year. On Saturday, we celebrated Robbie's first birthday with his family in Pardubice. At first, Robbie was a bit upset that Vojta was invading his space...
But, Vojta's smile soon won him over and the two boys were cruising around the house together having a blast.
All of the fun made everyone hungry for a snack...and birthday cake!
The boys' sisters played so nicely together - dress up, dolls, and making party hats.Magdalena and Eliza really got along so well. They were like two peas in a pod the whole day and kept each other giggling and smiling all the while.
Robbie really got into his cake - literally. In true 1st birthday style, he dug right into that delicious concoction of white cake, fruit and whipped cream! Yum!!
And, of course, the traditional picture of me and Hulda with our boys.

26 September 2010

Lil church

This morning our church launched the first "Lil church" for our munchkins. Vojta is the youngest "student" at 11 months, but he hung in there with the big kids for the full 2 hours, happy as a lark.
Tomáš is Dad to two of the boys and a great asset as a co-teacher. He had those kids playing games, doing exercises, and riding horseback.
Zuzana was very interested in my camera, so I took a photo of her solo. When she was inspecting it's quality, she declared "Zuzanka!" (Little Zuzana) I think she approved. :-)
Martina and Vojta having a little conversation. She's Mom to one of the boys in the class, and also is a wonderful co-teacher. She helped draw Zuzanka out of her sadness from being away from Mommy.

Three of our 5 boys running in a circle, getting out some of their crazies before parents arrived to take these bundles of energy home!

Boys in clips

Magdalena accessorized the "boys" a few days ago with her new clips from her Czech grandparents. Vojta was especially joyful about his curls tamer. :-)