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26 June 2010

"Baf!" ("Boo!") giggles

24 June 2010

June Moravia trip

Magdalena still LOVES holding her brother...and being silly for pictures. So, she put on a goofy grin and held onto the little man for this shot on the train from Prague to Bystricka.
The proud Deda took 3 of his 4 grandchildren on a long walk - about 2 hours! They all came back alive, happy, and still full of energy! Well, not Vojta. Riding in that carriage wore him out and put him in the mood for a nap. :-)
Adelka and Terezka have a big trampoline in the garden, so Magdalena spent a LOT of time with her cousins bouncing, run, and having a grand ole time in there. Here she is with Adelka zooming in circles.
We left Magdalena in Moravia for the week with her grandparents. The train ride home was much quieter without her. Vojta had his own seat part of the time. He was feeling mighty proud of himself, I do believe!
The little guy finally was tuckered out enough to fall asleep amidst the train hustle and bustle. He slept in Daddy's arms for about an hour. Sooo sweet. That precious baby face nestled on Daddy's shoulder while he lovingly watches him breathe...ah, cherished moments.

Snack time!

Vojta eating his first nectarine. Yummy!
Good and messy, too! ;-)
Hit a sour spot, evidently, but that didn't deter him. He ate about half of the fruit before deciding he was bored of the kitchen sport.
One day after nap, the kiddos wanted something to munch. So, they shared a rice cake. Vojta was satisfied with his portion, but Magdalena went on to eat another one of her own. She's a growin' girl, don't cha know?