Magdalena's Family Blog

29 April 2007

My babies are sick!

Yesterday Magdalena awoke about an hour later than usual. When we went to get her out of bed, we discovered the reason why was because she was sick! Her bedding and night clothes were covered in vomit, she had a fever of 101F, and the poor dear soon had an onslaught of diarrhea. :(
Through the day she took 4 naps of 40 minutes each! One of them was on Daddy's shoulder while he rested too. He's been battling a cold for the past few days and yesterday it came to a head. Thank God, they both are feeling better today. Not up to 100% yet, but no fever or vomiting. And Magdalena's appetite is slowly returning too.

26 April 2007

The Adventures of Magda Bunny

Once upon a time there was a little bunny named Magdalena. She wanted desperately to leave her little rabbit hole and explore the world outdoors. So, Mommy Rabbit fed Magda a healthy snack of fresh rice cake and then they hopped outside.

Magdalena discovered a great stick for sharpening her teeth and aiding in balance while bouncing up some fun steps. Although the stick was a help, it didn't prevent a little tumble which soiled one little yellow ear...
After a quick "fur" brushing, baby bunny was ready to see some more of the world. She swooshed down a slide and bounded through some sand until her little tummy was hungry again...
So, she settled down for a nice snack on dandelion blossoms, carefully avoiding the greens. (Thumper was right, those greens are disgusting!)

25 April 2007


Last Friday we had a dinner guest. Her name is Dorothy, but everyone lovingly calls her Dot. She's been in Prague about a month now as a missionary with another team we've become friends with. She's already such an asset to this city - and to our family as well! Be on the look-out for more pictures of Dot in the upcoming months...this dinner was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. To find out more about what she's doing here and what she's been up to recently, click on the link "Dot's spot."

The Big Apple

As I was unpacking our groceries the other day, Magdalena couldn't resist helping herself to a nice and big snack. She munched away about a third of it before deciding she'd had enough.

20 April 2007

Playing in the sand

Bet you didn't know...

...that bunnies play with puzzles!

17 April 2007

We miss you, Kristyna!!

A few weeks ago, our dear friend Kristyna (and fellow Project Antioch-er) was in town for Easter holiday. While she was home she babysat Magdalena one morning so that I could attend a ladies' bible study. I discovered this suprise on my camera recently! Aren't they cute?
A lil inside scoop: Magdalena was born on Kristyna's birthday...just 20 years later. :) And, their Czech name days come one right after the other on the calendar!

16 April 2007

At Zoo Praha

Walking with Daddy...and then running away! ;)

3 Principles

1. Drink your coffee to the last drop.

2. Clean the house thoroughly.

3. Always apply chapstick liberally.

Home cookin'

Yesterday I got a hankerin' for chicken an' dumplins, so I found a recipe in my cookbook and whipped some up. Can you believe that I, a raised in the South all my life girl, have never before made this meal? (Hence the reason for the cookbook...)
Regardless of the setback of no previous experience in making these, the judge said, "Hmm, this is good. You can make it again sometime."

Bačkorky (baby slippers)

On Friday, we bought Magdalena her first pair of "bačkorky." According to our Czech aunt, every baby needs these for ankle support, anti-slip traction, and foot warmth. I'm not totally convinced, but they are very cute! Magdalena greatly enjoys them too.
She has, to date: 1 time tripped in them, 2 times attempted to make them a snack, 3 times pulled them off, and 4 times taken them from the shoe rack and carried them around the house in sheer glee!

14 April 2007


The sign next to this freaky-looking animal called a Southern Cassoway reads:
Caution! Dangerous animal! Don't come closer to the fence.
This dude was certainly guarding his territory on Friday afternoon when we visited Zoo Praha. He kept his bill open most of the time as if always ready to hiss at us if we disobeyed the sign's admonition. Can you guess what animal he's related to?

12 April 2007

Museum in Nature

After our delicious Easter lunch Petr, Magdalena, and I went with Petr's parents to a Muzeum v Přírodě near their home. It's a reconstructed village, complete with a functioning church, restaurant, shop, and "farm." It is reprsentative of a typical 18th century village in Valašsko (that area of Moravia).

Magdalena enjoyed running around, trying to eat the pebbles, watching the animals (namely these adorable lambs), and spending time with her grandparents. Petr and I actually got "lost" for a several minutes leaving Magdalena with Kveta and Milan. She was content as could be when we met up again, er, I mean when we were "found!" They'd been over by a pond listening to some folk music.

11 April 2007

Birthday/Easter dress

Miss Magdalena received money from her great-grandparents, Oma and Opa, for her birthday 2 months ago when she actually had her birthday...but I knew exactly what I wanted to buy for her with the money and couldn't find time to go buy it until 2 weeks ago! What I bought to be from Oma and Opa is this precious dress that she wore to church on Easter Sunday morning. Everyone said what a doll she is and how beautiful the dress is. Teta Marketa (Aunt Margaret) couldn't believe that it's a Czech dress! Although, technically, it's a German dress since it's from C&A.
We couldn't get our active girl to be still for a pretty pose, so you can see her in action playing with her cousin Adelka (little Adele) and above trying to get a better view of something in Petr's hand.

Easter chocolate

Magdalena experienced the pleasures of chocolate on Easter Sunday afternoon. Her response? Yummy! Gotta lick the foil clean.
Ah, the joy of relaxing with some fun toys after eating (and getting messy!) some Easter "chicken."

05 April 2007


Monday afternoon we met up with Pavlina and her darling boy Michele (Italian for Michael) for a walk through some woods not so far from our apartment. Part of the path was paved and Magdalena greatly enjoyed walking independently while ever demanding more snacks. I guess the hike worked up an appetite!

In the first picture, I can see a resemblance to our cousin Nicole!

02 April 2007

Walking in Troja park

For our English speaking readers, Petr is saying "Come to Daddy."