Magdalena's Family Blog

28 September 2006


Today Magdalena discovered the cuteness of bunnies at our local pet shop. As we were waiting on Petr to get money from the bankomat (ATM for you American readers), I parked her stroller outside their window and they so engrossed her that I managed to take off her jacket without any protests! All of you who have been around our little munchin at all, or those who only know her so far from the blog, know how active she is...well, we stayed watching those furry critters several minutes and she still didn't move her head away from them. When we finally decided to move on, even though her interest was still piqued, she turned her head so she could see them longer! It seems our little girl is going to be an animal lover like her Mommy and Poppy.

27 September 2006

Technical difficulties

Dear Readers,
We are unfortunately having problems with our computer, so it will be a while before we are able to post pictures. :( In the meantime, keep a look-out for some cute stories about our little doll.
Thanks for bearing with us. :)

20 September 2006


This morning as I was pulling out Magdalena's clothes for the day, she pulled out her scarf. I thought she would try to chew on it (like everything else in the world) but instead she put it in the pile with her outfit! I suppose she was in the mood for accessorizing. It's been a while since she wore it and now it's a bit snug, but still cute!

New bath toy

When Petr's parents were visiting us, Milan bought a toy for Magdalena. Last night was the first time she had it in the bath with her. It has "sprinkle holes for bath time fun" according to the package. :) As you can see, fun it was!

What now?

Poor baby figured out today how to stand up in her crib...but couldn't get back down! This is how I found her after naptime this morning. I was afraid of this happening and now it has (at least she didn't manage to climb out -- or catapult out like cousin Kristin). Guess Daddy will have to lower the matress sooner than we'd planned.

18 September 2006

Didn't your mama teach you to play with your food?

Playing with squashes is so much fun! They're colorful, taste good, and roll across the floor quite nicely. :) I had intended these little guys to become a nice meal for Magdalena, but it seems that my very non-country upbringing got the better of me...they won't be ripe for about 3 months! Ha! I guess my poor farming skills paid off anyway though since Magdalena enjoys playing with the squashes so much.

15 September 2006

Visiting with friends

This afternoon we went to our friend Pavlina's home. She and I used to work together for the magazine. Now that the English edition we translated/proof read has discontinued, we've remained friends and are looking forward to her expected baby boy and Magdalena being friends too. :)
Yesterday Petra came to visit us at our home. Since the weather was so beautiful, we walked to the local cukrarna (sweet shop) for some coffee. Magdalena really enjoyed her water in leiu of latte!

Sitting pretty...

messy in her new high chair! Magdalena has long been in need of a high chair, but we kept holding onto the bouncy seat method of feeding (gotta get full usage from that thing!). This week while her grandparents were visiting, Milan took me and Petr to buy the high chair while Kveta stayed home with the little sleeping beauty. The next day we tried it out and she really enjoyed her view from such a lofty position!


During Wednesday morning's play time, I called Magdalena's name so she'd look at me for a picture. When she turned around, she lifted up her lil hand and said "hi!" Her first word? Coincidence? We'll find out as time goes by...

Grandparents' visit

Babi and Deda came to visit us this week! They were here for 2 full days and nights, ensuring Magdalena plenty of quality play time with her grandparents. Kveta (or Babi to Magdalena) helped Magdalena taste her first rohlik (roll). Since our baby still doesn't have any teeth she wasn't able to eat it, but she gummed it up pretty well!
Milan (Deda to Magdalena) went to the extremes of entertainment, showing off his very silly streak...hmm, could this be where Petr got his funny bone from? Magdalena wasn't quite sure what to think of the gift bag on her grandfather's head, so she looked to see our reaction before she began cooing to him. :)

After a long, hard day at work...

Daddy is still able to have some silly time with his little girl.

Coffee break

Last week we met Aunt Sunny, Jessica, and Michael for coffee in a cafe that seems to be becoming one of our "most frequented." Magdalena enjoyed getting so much attention (they all took turns entertaining her) and I enjoyed my strong, ice-cold frappe. :) Here are a few pictures from our brief visit: Michael sharing his disappointment that we must leave so soon.

Aunt Sunny playing with our darling.

Jessica looking lovely (as always) and contemplative...what are you thinking about there, Chica?

11 September 2006

ZOO Praha

Yesterday was Magdalena's first trip to the Zoo! The weather was perfect and, as our friend Kristyna (pictured) is leaving for college in Scotland, Project Antioch took a special outing so we could all have fun together before she leaves Saturday.

Here Magdalena was supposed to be looking at elephants, but she was too distracted by something in the grass to notice them!

And, yes, we did sing "Momma's taking us to the Zoo tomorrow" by Raffi. It's tradition!

Scroll down to read about the rest of our Zoo adventure.


The picture says it all. Even with the smell, I do believe that these pink birds were our little girl's favorite! Maybe because they had babies too? (Notice those little fuzzy grey guys? That's them!)

Watching pelicans

Sorry, folks. You can't see the pelicans; you'll have to just pretend. Magdalena got so excited about them that she began flapping her "wings" imitating the birds...we won't mention that this is the same motion she's done since day one. ;)

Walking uphill

...with Daniela and Aunt Sunny. Whew! What an exhausting journey to the exit with a 20lb baby! :)

Riding home... tuckered out little girl sleeping in the stroller!

Sleeping in!

Over the weekend I got to sleep in! Well, sorta. After the baby woke up and I nursed her, Petr took her to the living room for some play time and let me sleep some more (until about 10 both days!). He took these cute shots of her crawling around on the couch Saturday morning. Quite proud of her mobility, isn't she?
These are some new pyjamas -- cute, huh? After we discoverd that her outgrown baby clothes were stolen from our basement unit, we went 2nd-hand shopping for autumn and winter clothes. (The purple sweater on the left is another purchase.)

04 September 2006

Guacamole anyone?

Yesterday Magdalena had some avacado with her dinner. It's perfect for one of her first foods since it has tons of vitamins and fatty acids which help brain cell development (she's gonna be one super smart baby!) and it mushes really easily. But, she didn't like the texture too much. Instead, she wanted to play with it! Within seconds that fork mashed avacado was creamy floor wax. See, her creativity has already increased due to the brain growth!

Today, I put some super mushed avacado into her rice cereal...and she ate it all up! That has never happened before. Normally, Magdalena eats about half of a portion of rice cereal (not that I blame her -- that stuff is pretty bland).

Calling on Daniela

Friday morning we had such a lovely visit with Daniela. She served me coffee with little cakes and arranged her excercise mats for Magdalena to play on. While Baby played, we chatted about Magdalena's development (that morning she began moving from a crawling position to a sitting position!) and Daniela's time in the USA.

Sunny stopped by at the end of our visit so we could document it -- Magdalena's first "house call." Petr and I may be raising her in the Czech Republic, but she is still learning some of the genteel manners of the American South.