Magdalena's Family Blog

29 October 2006

Fun Sunday

This morning Magdalena took a long nap (for her) -- 1 hour and 20 minutes! She was quite happy when she awoke. This is how I found her when I went to get her out of bed. On the way to church she sang and played happily with her toys.
After church and a brief nap, Magdalena was ready for some serious play time...looks like Daddy was too. ;-)

28 October 2006

More of Moravia

Magdalena had fun playing with her Dedacek (Grandfather) too. He raises rabbits for eating, but our little girl doesn't know that they're intended to be food. She just thinks they are cute and entertaining...I think that they think the same about her!

27 October 2006

Cousin time

Adelka, who will be 2 in December, and Magdalena, almost 9 months, enjoyed several playtimes together during our 3 day visit. Adelka loved bringing toys, books, and other fun playthings from her playroom to share with Magdalena...but she was a little unsure about sharing Babicka (Grandmother)!

Kveta was quick in assuring both of the girls that she has plenty of love for them both.


Magdalena loves giving and receiving kisses! Can't you just hear her gleeful squeals as we kiss on her? When we were in Moravia after Gigi and Bonnie had to go back to the States, Magdalena continued sharing the love by giving her cousin as kiss as Adelka stroked her hair.

25 October 2006


For our first outing, we took Bonnie (pictured on the far left -- her first time in Europe) to Vysehrad. Of course she loved it. Who wouldn't? It is the site of Prague's legendary first dynastic rulers' castle ruins. Unfortunately, only Libuse's Bath remains. But it is just as lovely as seeing a complete castle. We also enjoyed walking through the cemetary where the composer Dvorak is buried. Below is one of the many beautiful views from one of the high points overlooking the city of Prague.


Most of the way home from the airport in our new-to-us car, Gigi rode next to Magdalena. The last few minutes of the ride our little princess got quite tired so Gigi attempted to sing, but alas she'd left her voice in Venice! Mommy had to switch places with Gigi in hopes of calming Magdalena.

Visit from Gigi and Bonnie

Well, we've gotten out computer fixed and returned (after having the get the hard-drive replaced!), but blogger isn't allowing me to download pictures. Alas...
So, as you read in the title, Gigi and Bonnie visited us. When I'm able to post pictures I'll describe the fun we had. :) In the meantime, know that we throughly enjoyed our time together -- eating yummy home-cooked meals, going to Vysehrad (my favorite section of Prague), going to church at the Augustines' home, and seeing Pinkas Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetary.

08 October 2006


Emily Stone inspired me to make hairbows...Well, we recently moved our wardrobe to rearrange the bedroom, and in the process I cleaned it out. While doing so, I found a lovely cream ribbon just long enough for 3 hairbows! Here is Magdalena modeling the first one I made.
Note: On Magdalena's left wrist is a bracelet! I bought this in Mexico when I was 18 or 19 for my future daughter. I also discovered this when cleaning out the wardrobe. Fits perfectly!

Picnic for 2

I know that it looks like a picnic of 1, but I really was there! She's just too cute "eating" her rohlik (roll), don't you think?!