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19 October 2010

At Školička

A post that I just found that I'd never completed! It's short cuz I don't remember what stories I'd intended on telling. :-)
As you can see, Vojta is holding his own among the other kids at preschool! Magdalena claims him as hers, though, when the big boys get too close. "He's my brother" she told Adam!

16 October 2010

The big 1 year old!

Vojtěch Wesley was born one year ago on Thursday. Since the day he was born, he's brought us great joy and comfort (as his name depicts - Vojtěch means "soldier of comfort"). His smile is continual and contagious. He adores his sister, who also loves him to pieces, and now says "Táta," "Máma," and "Sesa" (meaning Sister). He's still not walking alone, but greatly enjoys cruising around holding onto furniture, walls, and cabinets (which he is known to open and empty). His favorite games include opening and closing doors, playing peek-a-boo, and destroying anything that Sister has constructed. He eats like a horse but still sleeps like a baby - a full 12 1/2 to 13 hours each night plus 1 or 2 naps a day. He's our wonderful blessing from the Lord and we are all looking forward to celebrating all of his many other birthdays in the years ahead.
Most of Vojta's birthday consisted of just playing around the house. In true little boy fashion, he dumped out all 120 clothes' pins and put back 3 of them after wearing the basket on his head for a bit. ;-)
We all gave him birthday kisses, but the picture of me kissing him didn't turn out very well so it's not posted.
We all ate cake before dinner because we weren't sure that the Birthday Boy would stay awake long enough to eat dinner with the rest of us. He ate an early dinner about 4:30, cake about 5, then a second dinner about 5:30. He is definitely a growing boy!
Vojta's special birthday dinner consisted of baked pork chops and scalloped potatoes. It was the first time he ate pork and he LOVED it!
The messy, yet very happy, face of one satisfied birthday boy. :-)

So, none of us are professional singers, but here's the birthday song anyway. Vojta grabbing the cake before the song is done was too cute to pass up posting. :-)