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24 February 2010

And this is when she's "sick"!

Magdalena's birthday present from her grandparents was a miniature trampoline. She's been jumping her brains out and today she provided musical accompaniment for her physical feats. She's singing the "Elephant Show" theme song, Skinamarink.

Patty Cake with Vojta

Man, I love his giggles!

21 February 2010

Vojtech's dedication

Our little Doll Baby was sleeping in his stroller when service started so we had to wake him up for his dedication! True to form, he was still contented and looked darling in his new outfit.
Mommy and Daddy read letters to both of the kids, telling them what their names mean and our prayer for them. Mommy read to Vojta:
Our Dear Vojtech,
We waited and prayed a long time for you and cried many tears through disappointments. So, when we knew you were coming, we were greatly comforted, thus we named you Vojtech because it means "Soldier of Comfort." And we gave you the middle name Wesley because you were conceived in the west and some great men of faith bore that name.

Our prayer for you is that you will come to know God at a young age and then through the power of the Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter, you'll lead many others to have faith in the Lord.Then Daddy read to Magdalena:
Our Dear Magdalena,
We thank God for you - your love of life and the passion you have for all of your activities.
When you were born, and we named you, we hadn't thought much about your names' meanings. But, shortly after your birth we realized how perfectly they go together. Magdalena means woman from Magdala (the city's name means Tower) and Rose is like the Rose of Sharon.
Our prayer for you is that you'll come to know God closely, like Mary Magdalene, and in turn become a tower of God's love leading people to the Rose of Sharon - Jesus.
Pastor Jerry held our little guy as he said a prayer of blessing over his life. Vojta was comfortable in his arms and didn't squirm or fuss.
The family praying in accord with Pastor Jerry and the church.
Pastor Jerry and Ulli praying for the family - both present and in the USA - to be close to God, know His blessings, and to help Vojtech know God and His love.
Brother Milan speaking a prophetic word over our son: you are like an apple tree that reproduces many other trees. God is building his church and He will use you to help Him build it further.

15 February 2010

Magdalena's private story hour

Saturday we went to the Prague Christian Library for story hour. They host this activity twice a month and we've gone once before and Magdalena really enjoyed it. So, since Petr had a work meeting in the morning, we decided to have some fun.
Turned out that we were the only attendees this time because this is the "ski" week in the Czech Republic, so many families were out of town. "Ms. Worry," as Magdalena calls Ms. Laurie, read some books to Magdalena, held Vojta, and then we all decorated Valentines and ate some super yummy sour cream cookies that Ms. Laurie made. When it was time to go home, Ms. Laurie gave us some cookies to take home to Daddy to accompany the Valentine that Magdalena made for him. :-) We all LOVE our librarian!

11 February 2010

Magda's recent shinanigans

What do you get when you combine a 4 year old with 30 minutes of unsupervised time? A pile of about 3 kilos of bakings goods - flour, salt, sugar, and bread-crumbs! That is how Magdalena used her "free" time while I nursed Vojta tonight before he went to sleep. Petr wasn't home so...while the parents are away the children will play!Magdalena on clean up duty as punishment for her dusty work (plus a spank, but after she received her spank she told me, "I like spanks now, Mommy"! My response? "Well if you like it, I'll give you another." She quickly responded, wide eyed, "NO!"). As she worked, she informed me, "This is what I do at skolka. You taught us how to clean the floor." Using a dustpan and hand broom is one of the Montessori practical life skills that preschoolers learn to encourage respect of their environment, self-reliance, and development of motor skills. I taught the kids how to do this on the first day of Life Center Skolicka (little preschool) where I teach every Tuesday.
Magdalena bird made a nest of her blankets and pillows yesterday. She was so cute that I had to snap a picture of her all nestled in cozy like! Given the choice of her being a magpie or attempting to make pie on my kitchen floor, I choose the birdie any day!

07 February 2010

More birthday party pics

Petr opening the tiny doll from Donie for Magdalena.
Petr with his baby boy.
Mommy and the birthday girl - she got really thirsty from all the running and playing (and eating many sweets!) so the receptionist gave her some multivitamin juice. "Yummy. I like it." She said. :-)
Mommy and her little guy.

06 February 2010

Magdalena's 4th birthday party

Our first baby is turning 4 years old on Monday. When we asked her if she'd like to celebrate before or after her birthday, of course, she said "Before!" So, today we rented the space at the family center Palecek (that Project Antioch founded) and had some of her friend come party!

Our happy, passionate, fun-loving girl! She was living it up before her friends arrived, playing chase, soccer, and balloons with us (Mommy and Daddy).
As requested, Magdalena's carrot cake in a flower shape. Yes, she did have the same shape last year, but she wanted it again and who am I to dissuade her from having the easy cake she wants? We had to limit her to two pieces of cake or she might have eaten it all - the kid is CRAZY about anything carrot!Will, Sophie, Natalie, and Donie (plus Linda, Donie's sister not pictured) came to play.Vojta chilled in the bouncy seat when he wasn't sleeping - who knows what he was thinking of the partying going on around him...think this photo gives us a clue? ;-)
Our beautiful brown-eyed girl with her new Hello Kitty umbrella and robe. She called me back in to her room tonight to have me put the umbrella by her bed as she slept and didn't want to take off the robe. She asked me why she had to take it off to sleep (um, because you still have on your regular clothes under it and need to sleep in pajamas...)!

02 February 2010

Proof that Daddy still exists

So many posts don't include Petr since he's at work all week long. But, he still exists and makes the most of his time with the kids. Of course, Magdalena eats up every moment she can with her Daddy and tries to steal away my time with him too, demanding, "Daddy, come play with me!!" And, Vojta gives his Daddy many sweet smiles while they play together. They're becoming great buddies. :-)