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20 November 2008

One for Sunny

Because I love you so and know how much mannequins fascinate you...

Autumn in the GA mountains

Anna Ruby Falls is a pampered hike (on a paved path) in the North Georgia mountains. We took a family day trip there Saturday before last to enjoy the colorful leaves and crisp air. This tree is famous for seemingly growing out of the rock!
A friendly hiker behind us snapped this family photo for us in front of the falls.
The falls is just outside of Helen, a quaint town built to resemble a Bavarian village (all the signs are in German and English!) and you can find this nice fountain in the center of town.
Cleveland, Ga is only a few miles from Helen and Anna Ruby, so we took quick tour of Babyland General Hospital, the birthplace of Cabbage Patch Kids, before heading back home.
Magdalena had been there twice before, but she loved all the babies and enjoyed seeing them as much as she did the first time.

10 November 2008

Halloween Frog

This year Magdalena was a froggy. She practiced around the house by hopping everywhere and saying, "Trick or treat, ribbit, ribbit!" But, when we were at the church Harvest Festival, she barely got out of our arms. We were lucky to snap this shot before her next request of "carry me, Mommy!"
Getting treats from Patti, our next door neighbor, with Samuel who is dressed as Tow Mater.
Max the fire fighter and Magdalena the cutest frog ever. Max is our neighbor and in the same playgroup.
Magdalena and Samuel enjoying the spoils of the evening. I think Magdalena may have a new favorite holiday!

Zoo-ing with the Sillers

Last Wednesday we went to Zoo Atlanta with Emily, Owen, and Baby Eliana. The weather was perfect for exploring the animals' habitats and getting loads of fresh air!
This ducky bouncy toy was a great hit with Magdalena and Owen, too. 
Owen's favorite animal was the elephant and his sentiment was catching. They lingered around this elephant calf statue for quite some time. The flowers in it's trunk are in memory of the pregnant elephant who recently died unexpectedly. The keepers and other elephants seemed a bit sad...
Back to the playground at the end of our zoo experience! We let the kids pound away the last of their energy before trekking home. Owen and Magdalena made some great music together - maybe it's the beginning of the next greatest band?

06 November 2008

Yard Sale

Mommy and Magdalena walked down the road to a yard sale today. It was Magdalena's first encounter with purchasing something at a yard sale and she was delighted to pay for and then carry away her bounty. 
The proud owner of a traveling bag, complete with toys and  a book.
Inspecting the contents to make sure they're still there.
On the last leg of our walk home we discovered a "Daddy Poonkin" concealed in some weeds and bushes. So we proceeded to extract him and take him home for a bath. Now, our pumpkin family is complete!