Magdalena's Family Blog

18 February 2009

Magdalena is 3 years old!

Magdalena turned 3 on the 8th, but we celebrated with her friends the day before with a "flower cake" as she requested (yes, I made that cake and decorated it - not professional, but she LOVED it) and playing at Jump 4 Joey.
All the kids helped Magdalena open her presents, but she didn't mind. She was super excited to have gifts and see her friends. Alle, Owen, Samuel, and Tyree all got to come and play!
Magdalena had a little difficulty blowing out the candle...Alle and Owen didn't mind sharing their hot air. ;)
Yummy! Flowers are very tastey!
Opening the last gift at Jump 4 Joey where Ty and Samuel met up with us all. Ty gave her this present, but escaped the camera everytime we tried gettting a picture of them together!

We are so blessed to have Magdalena in our lives. She has filled our hearts with joy, exuberance for life, and constant adventure since she was born 3 years ago. Each day as she grows we experience more of her sweetness and learn a new aspect of her pesonality and we are in awe of what a wonderful creation God has bestowed upon us. Magdalena, we love YOU very much!

04 February 2009

Magdalena's Aspiration

On the way home from the library today Magdalena, out of the blue, stated, "Mommy, I want to climb a tree." I was stunned - where did that idea come from?? As I fumbled for a response, "Um, well..." she continued, "When I get bigger I climb a tree." Guess she's gonna remain active when she's older too!