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29 May 2006

Peter Rabbit

Look at my new skill! I can hold and shake my baby rattle!

Eva came over for a visit this morning. After ejoying a hot drink and some homemade chocolate chip muffins, we went for a walk. Our meandering lead us to the local second hand children's shop. I wanted to find a lightweight jacket for Magdalena to wear this summer (as we seem to be having trouble reaching even 75F so far). As we were browsing, I saw a Peter Rabbit dress -- a real and true Peter Rabbit brand. So, it seems that he has migrated from England to the Czech the manner of Watership Down, perhaps? In any case, I quickly purchased it so Magdalena can continue sporting one of my favorite childhood characters when she outgrows the P.R. outfit from Aunt Jessica. :)

27 May 2006

Pictures from today

26 May 2006


Magdalena's first reaction to the ladybug toy from KB (Komercni Banka), where Petr opened an account for her yesterday, was to kick it away...

But a few minutes later she decided maybe he's not so bad after all and made proper introductions with a handshake. : )

25 May 2006

Taste of home

Today I got a hankerin' for cornbread and sweet-tea. So, I made them both! Who says that the globe-trotting, European dwelling, Czech resident Rebekah doesn't ever get a bit homesick for good ole Georgian tastes? As much as I hate the humid heat of Georgian summers, and the annoying hordes of bugs, Georgia is my "homeland" and I do miss it at times (like today when the high was only 60F!).

Speaking of today and home...I unsuccessfully attempted to mail Auntie Bizbef's birthday package (only one month late -- oops!). Magdalena was happy in her stroller on the way to the post office, awestruck by the green, leafy trees overhead. But, as soon as I removed her hood inside the post office, she began to get fussy. The fussing quickly turned to crying and, as there were at least 3 other clients ahead of us in line, I decided it best to leave. Poor baby never did quit crying until I took her out of the stroller and carried her. (Even the trees she marvelled at just minutes prior failed to calm her.) Sorry, Elizabeth! We'll have to try mailing the package again tomorrow, perhaps.

Also today, Magdalena received her 2nd vaccination. Actually, it was 2 shots -- one on each leg. She didn't cry at all, just kinda squirmed. The doctor and nurse both said, "She's a brave girl." She did, however, cry when the doctor was checking her ears. "Why," do you ask, "did she cry at a painless event?" Because she had to be still! Our girl is quite active and curious thus didn't like the constraint of keeping her head looking in one direction.

24 May 2006

My little fish

Magdalena still loves bathtime. So much so that I told Petr the other day that I gave birth to a fish, not a little girl! We've been thinking about swimming lessons for her...but I've been hesitant to take her because of the expense and language difficulties. Lucie said yesterday that if I want we can all go together because Ema takes lessons every Wednesday. Perhaps I'll take her up on that offer...

Just the girls

Sunny, Jenn, Magdalena, and I went to McDonald's today for some "nurishment" and catching up time. The last time that Jenn and I saw each other, I wasn't even dating Petr yet (much less thinking about Magdalena!) and she was taking a break from university. Now, she's completed her degree and has recorded a cd (which is totally awesome!). So, just goes to show that a lot happens in 2 years. This first picture is Aunt Sunny being silly with her little neice and the second is of the "girls." : )


Who needs television or movies when there is a washing machine to watch?!

Czech girlfriends

Yesterday we had a lovely time with Lucie and Ema. Ema slept the whole time in her carriage! Lucie and I switch back and forth between Czech and English in our conversations -- it's a huge blessing to have someone to teach me proper casal endings and make me speak what I know in Czech! These ladies are going to join us at the International Children's Day in Stromovka Park on 1 June (that Project Antioch organizes and sponsors every year). We are going to enter the baby carriage race together. : )

22 May 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...rain! I really hope this doesn't foil our plans for coffee and ice cream with our new Czech girlfriends tomorrow. Lucie and Ema Holohlavska are mom and daughter that Mirka put us in contact with. Ema is 3 weeks older than Magdalena, so Lucie and I have quite a bit in common already! Ironically, their last name means "bald-headed" and they both have full heads of thick dark hair (as does Mr. Bald-headed). If I remember my camera, I'll take pictures of our not-so-hairless friends tomorrow. : )

21 May 2006

Spokojena holcicka

Just a cute picture of Magdalena, our "contented little girl"!

18 May 2006


A few nights ago after Magdalena went to bed Petr stayed home with her so that I could go shopping. I still had a good bit of birthday money from Oma, so I thought I'd buy some jeans or shoes with it. Well, I am a midgit in this part of the world (not that I'm tall anywhere -- not even China where some of my 5th grade students were taller than me!) and thus nothing fit me!

So, in true mother fashion, I bought some family necessities and a little something for my baby -- a summer kerchief. Now the other Czech moms and babicky (grandmothers) won't think I'm a bad mom by not covering my child's head. I'll post a picture of her wearing it later!

This picture is of our little girl "chillin'" as Daddy plays his military strategy game.

17 May 2006

I can move!

When I put Magdalena down for a nap, she was lengthwise in the same direction as the bed with her head on the yellow sheet-saver. Just now when I went to check on her, this is what I found!

14 May 2006

Today's events

On the way to church this morning Magdalena entertained herself by sucking her thumb as Daddy toted her in the "sikovna sala" (clever shawl) as Great-grandfather called it.

Mommy and Magdalena were exhausted after travelling to and from church, so we took a little cat nap during dinner.

Kutna Hora retreat

This weekend we took an overnight trip to Kutna Hora for a Project Antioch retreat. As a community we ate delicious food, prayed, shared our ideas and ideals for the future of Project Antioch...and danced to German bluegrass! Here is Magdalena dancing with Brad Gleeson, one of the interns. He leaves for the States tomorrow. Next month he'll begin planting a Mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are going to miss him dearly! Magdalena loves him so much and it's quite obvious she holds a special place in his heart. Today, we talked about getting together in the States when we come for a visit later this year.

I've been wanting to visit Kutna Hora for the past two years...and was actually disappointed a bit when I finally did get to see it. The silver mines and mints that are so famous (where the strongest mideival currency was dug up and coined) are not condusive for visiting with an infant, so we didn't get to go. And the infamous "bone church" which is entirely decorated with the bones of over 40,000 plague victims was quite a bit smaller than I'd imagined it would be. Even though the trip didn't go as I had hoped, or expected, it was still very pleasant to spend time with my PA family and visit a historical site.

12 May 2006

New do

Magdalena trying to figure out what Mommy is doing with her hair and what that aweful smell is...

My hair all goo-ed up with hair color -- bronzovy cerveny (bronze-red)...

The finished product, although in person and in the sun it is quite a bit redder!

10 May 2006


Just having a lil play time before bed last night. : )

09 May 2006

Officially American

A couple of weeks ago we went to register Magdalena's birth and apply for her American passport. Today we trekked back to the American Embassy to pick up her birth certificate equivelant and passport. She was a bit sleepy when I took this picture from our journey and lack of a nap, hence the reclined position and half closed eyes!

Who, me?

Tea Party with a Twist

Yesterday I hosted a tea party for my girlfriends at Project Antioch. Jessica, Kristyna, Kelley, and Sunny (in the order they are in the picture from left to right) came for tea, cake, cucumber sandwiches, and lots of laughter! It was so nice to see them all since I often am unable to attend the Antioch services because of Magdalena. And hearing Kristyna's stories from her mission trip to the Philippines and Thailand was such a blessing.

After Petr, Brad and Magdalena returned from their outing the tea party quickly became a dance party!

Sunday in Stromovka

This Sunday was our first Project Antioch picnic in the park for the summer. Each Sunday afternoon we have some sort of outreach. During the summer we all enjoy eating, chatting, and playing in Stromovka Park. It's a very neutral location so many unbelievers feel more comfortable getting to know Christians in this relaxed atmosphere.

Magdalena had lots of fun hanging with our friends -- especially Kristyna because they have the same birthday -- and sleeping in the fresh air. Despite the bugs and slightly chilly weather, Petr and I had so much fun with our friends too!

05 May 2006

Growing girl

Yesterday was Magdalena's 3 month check up. She now weighs 6.3kg/13.8lb and is 60cm/24in long! Dr. Dostal was very impressed with her abilities to follow objects and people with her eyes and head and raise her head and upper body with her arms when on her stomach -- and she didn't even lift up as much as she is able! Can you tell I'm a proud mother?

04 May 2006

Suprise package

A couple of weeks ago we received a suprise package from the States! It contained all kinds of goodies for Magdalena. Here she is in one of the new outfits. Thanks Pam!

02 May 2006

Sunday in Moravia

Sunday was a day full of fun. In the morning we attended church where Petr went as a boy and his parents are still members. Everyone was so excited to meet Magdalena and curious which language she "speaks." They were quite impressed when we told them both! Magdalena also met Klarka who was born on the same day. They weigh the same amount now, but Magdalena is shorter and thicker, while Klarka is very long! They both also have lots of hair and suck their thumbs. : ) On the way home, Magdalena took a nap in the car-seat...a much different reaction than before when she screamed and cried so much that I actually took her out on the country roads.

In the afternoon we celebrated my birthday! Petr's parents suprised me with the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. It was very tastey too! : ) Magdalena's eyes popped open when she saw the lovely cake. I think she may have been a bit jealous of Adelka when she was eating some of the cake...

The hard feelings didn't last long, though. When Adelka stroked her hair, Magdalena reached out to touch her arm. They're already so sweet together. We can't wait to see them playing after Magdalena is mobile!

Saturday in Moravia

No pictures from rained most of the day and when we went to visit Prababicka and Pradedecek (great-grandparents) we forgot the camera in the car! : (

Magdalena instantly took to her great-grandmother. She speaks the most beautiful Czech I've ever heard and her demeanor is so gentle that Magdalena couldn't resist her! When Prababicka held her, Magdalena was more content than any other time someone has held her for the first time.

While we were visiting, the neighbors' cat came over for a visit too. Magdalena was curious about this furry orange creature -- the first cat she's seen. So, great-grandmother held the cat and I held her so they could meet. Magdalena touched the tail, but then pulled her hand back quickly when he twitched it!

Friday in Moravia

Magdalena took a nice long nap in the morning, so I got to be Teta (Aunt) Rebekah for a while and play with my neice Adelka. She's on the far right and the neighbors' daughter Dominika is in the middle. We played a lil game I made up -- "Kde je to?" (Where is it?) I hid a toy in the sand then the girls found it, much to their amusement!

Later we walked around a bit and Petr took pictures of Adelka sitting outside the gate to the family's house. She's such a little doll!

This is the cousins' first meeting! Adelka kept pointing at the "mimi" (short for miminko/baby) and Magdalena carefully studied her cousin's face. We think they're going to be great friends!

01 May 2006

Thursday in Moravia

Thursday we travelled to Moravia for a family visit. This was Magdalena's first train trip and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She watched the scenery go by, nursed, and snoozed a bit and then, voila! we were at Hranice na Morave train station where Dedecek (grandfather) picked us up.

Later in the afternoon we went looking at some property to perhaps buy and eventually build our house on. On the way home we stopped by the dairy farm where Tomas, Petr's cousin, works. While the fellas visited, Magdalena and I checked out the calves. This one in the picture was very curious about Magdalena and gave her a sniff and tried to to lick her too but I kept her away. Even though this baby cow is younger than my baby, he had teeth!

After a full day of new experiences, Magdalena slept in one of her "news" -- her cousin Adelka's playpen/travel bed. She was too tired to care where she slept and it was cozy for her in the familiar smells and textures of her own blankets. Ah, sweet sleep for tomorrow's adventures!